Many homeowners look to create that perfect look for their homes or living space. In doing so many ascents and decorative features are used. Often times a favourite tool used is to add a tapestry or a carpet to mix and match with the existing texture and surfaces of the space. There are many modern rugs for sale, both classical and new; therefore when it comes to creating a unique look it is important to stay attuned to a particular style. This will make decorating more acceptable and unified rather than being haphazard and thoughtless. In terms of different styles available, there appears to be three; traditional, contemporary and transitional. 


As the name suggests these carpets are said to be more modern containing very unusual or original prints ever created. However they are not for everybody mind you. These trendy designs can easily be identified by the bold colours or free style art work or patterns that adorn them. They are influenced greatly by the art deco and pop culture art movements which would testify to the bold colours and retro look as well. Therefore a contemporary style would most definitely look quite different to that of a traditional look.


These are said to include some of the most sought after handmade designs from the regions of Europe and Asia. Some Scandinavian and Moroccan carpets are said to be some of the most popular good traditional rugs for sale. Most often these floor covers tend to carry design traditions that are unique to the region and passed on from generation to generation. They are also mostly hand woven with pure wool, although synthetic versions do appear in the market. These carpets are said to be adorned with very intricate patterns depicting flowers, detailed borders and geometric shapes. Some may even indicate a very tribal and even a bohemian feel. Due to their complex designs and sizing some may feel that they are best suited for formal settings such a government buildings or even palaces, however correctly placed they can feel at home equally well in casual country home style setting as well.


As the name suggests this category is a mix of both the above styles. Often this is a popular choice for many individuals because it offers the timelessness of a traditional design with a modern feel. Sometimes the more traditional floral patterns can come in modern contemporary bold colours or hues, while in other times more geometric and retro designs can come with the traditional floral patterns.
Knowing these differences can greatly help to design a more unified and appealing space