Is it beginning to feel like you have been living in your current home for far too long? Here are a few ways to help you make a change in your long term home…

Start with small renovations

We understand that kitchen renovations Sydney or bathroom renovations are not easy costs; but if you do so the right way, you will find that you feel like you are living in a completely different home. were you single when you moved in here; and have since started your own family? Or did you live in it with your family, but currently live by yourself? Renovate your kitchen and bathroom so it now suits the needs and wants of you; and your family at present. Remember to consider your age and body’s limitations as well when revamping said spaces of your home.

Change up the use of all the rooms of your home

In all the years that you have stayed at your home, have you ever thought of changing up the functions of your rooms? Obviously, the kitchen designs and bathroom layouts cannot be changed much without major work; so leave those be for now. Consider taking up a different space for your bedrooms. Do you have an attached nursery; but have your kids all grown up? Then why not bring your home office in there? Or if it is large enough, fix up a few full length mirrors, bring in the equipment and convert it into a home gym. It could even be the room you do your crafts in.

Make use of the spaces you have been ignoring

Take a good look around your home. What spaces and rooms of it have you been ignoring all these years? Is it the garage? The basement? Or perhaps the garden? Find use for it all. You can easily convert your garage (if not in use) into a safe play area for your kids or even a place for your hobbiesall you need to do is insulate it, and perhaps add a window. Is your basement never used? Get rid of the wet spots, give it a paint job and install brighter lights; turn it into a basement apartment. Now consider having paying guests for this; making money with the space you never use.

Give it a completely different color wash