We use the bedroom mostly to sleep. However, this does not mean it should only have a bed. Instead, it should be decorated in a way which would encourage its inhabitants to relax. That is because we spend time in this room when we want to recuperate. Thus, in order to do this first you have to be calm and relaxed. One effective way to do this would be to implement feng shui practices. However, we understand that while you may have heard about this practice you don’t know how to implement it.

Comfortable Bed

As you know the most important feature of this room is the bed. This is essentially the highlight of the room. Therefore when looking for the perfect bed you must take into consideration certain factors. For instance, even if you look through dozen mattresses Sydney you still have to wait for the most comfortable one.

That is because even if you change every aspect of this room it would not be sufficient if the bed is not comfortable. Furthermore, we also understand that some of like to read in bed. In that case, you should look for an upholstered headboard. That is recommended because you would then be able to comfortably rest your head.


Many individuals fail to realize how important lighting is. They tend to believe that you only require lighting in order to see. But that is not true. Instead, lighting has the power to influence your emotions and feelings. Therefore that is why it is recommended for one to avoid overhead lighting. It is believed that this would be considered as a bad feng shui. Instead what you should do is let natural light into the room. This will not only warm your skin and make you feel good. But sunlight also possesses the power to energize the room. It will also go on to clear out any bad energy from the room. However, we understand that you can only use natural lighting during daytime. Therefore during the nighttime, you should think about using natural candles. That is because similar to natural lighting candles can also energize a room. Furthermore, it also advised for one to have task lighting. This would become extremely useful if one reads in bed.

Remove Clutter

A bedroom is a place where many of us tend to store items. However, according to feng shui practices clutter will go on to affect one’s good energy. Therefore that is why one should clear the room of any clutter.If you wish to create a safe haven you should definitely follow the above rules.