How To Add An Electrical Outlet To The Wall

Don’t have an electrical outlet next to your bed to charge your phone? Well, here’s now you can add one where you want.
Necessary tools: wire strippers, drywall knife, drill with a wall drill bit, pair of pliers, screwdriver (- & + type), voltage tester.

Turn off the main switch

It is essential to take right precautions during the whole finest rending process. To avoid any casualties, it is wise to turn off the main switch unless you are keen to electrocute yourself. Find the ideal place for the outlet Decide the best place for the outlet next to your bed without any plumbing pipes, or electrical wires behind that thick cement rendering. Mark the place, and make sure you mark a spot between two wall studs. Then, fix the wall drill bit onto the drill and start drilling.

Find how to give power to the outlet

There are two general ways, running electrical wire from a circuit breaker or from an outlet nearby.

Running wire

First, cut a hole near the existing outlet using a utility knife to cut through the wall material. However, if there is rendering on the walls, use a drill or a hole saw to cut the hole. Cut another hole of the same size where you want the new outlet. There might have to be hole on the wall depending how far away the outlets are, preferably 3ft away to thread the wires easily through the walls. Find the appropriate wire and run wires between the two outlets, and give connection and wrap the wires.

Then, insert the receptacle of the new outlet and connect the wires to the receptacle. Inside the wire you’ll find three conductors: green, white and black. And on the receptacle you’ll find 2 brass screws, 2 silver screws, and a green screw. The green wire should be to the copper wire with no insulation and twist it around the green screw and tighten it. The white wire needs to be stripped ¾ and a hook made out of the wire, and hook it around one silver screw and tighten it, the other silver screw isn’t used. The black wire needs to be stripped, made a hook and hooked onto the brass screw and tightened.

Insert the cut-in outlet box

The cut-in outlet box has to be slightly smaller than the hole on the wall cut for the new outlet. Insert it, and it should be firm and shouldn’t jiggle around.

Put everything back to place

Go back to the old outlet and connect the wires to the respective places, then put all the wires in the wall, and fix the wall plates.
Finally, switch the main circuit switch back on and try out if the new outlet works with an outlet circuit tester.